It all started when Phil EDWARDS, at the age of 10, finds an old Elvis 45 r.p.m. recording, belong to his father. What a shock ! In 1979, at the age of 15, he forms his first group, The Tiger Men and becomes for the first time (of many) a singer and a guitarist. He turns solo in 1985 and surrounds himself with already known professional musicians in the Rockabilly circuit. April 86 release of his first cassette recording titled « Good Rockin’ Tonight ».


1989 signals the release of his first 45 r.p.m. « Hole In My Pocket » and the start of his career as professional artist. For his 90 and 91 tours, he engages the services of top quality musicians in France, some of whom have acompanied Johnny Hallyday, Vince Taylor and even the legendary Gene Vincent. From then on, there’s no turning back, one tour folows another breaking all records with even 249 dates in 1991 ! A new recording is born simply titled « Phil EDWARDS » New album in 1992 : « Rock’n’Roll & Country Music ». Still faithful to his Rock’n’Roll roots, his songs catalogue becomes bigger how welcoming more and more Country Music songs.


After 183 concerts, he flys to the USA and records 17 new songs in Nashville, TN. It’s now November 1992.


13 of these songs are used for the CD « Made In Nashville » which is released in June 1993. That year is devoted to live concerts and promotion of his album (newpapers, TV, etc.......) with, beside him on stage, the finest musicians that had accompanied him thoughout his carreer. 1994 : a live album is recorded in May after wich Phil and band are in much much demand and enjoy much succes : Mirande Country Music Festival, Monchecourt, Dysneyland Paris, Carcassonne Festival, Aix en Provence, etc ...


In February 1995, the compilation « The Best Of ... » is released and in April the same year, the release of « By Request » enables him to cover France in a huge summer tour, from seaside resorts to the big Country Music Festivals : Craponne, Mirande (his second year running, a privilege only accorded to the most succesful artist of the previous year). The same year, in June, he is invited to the famous « Fan Fair », in Nashville, TN, the biggest worlwide Country Music convention preceded by overwhelming demand for tours abroad. October 95, Phil returns to Nashville to record a Christmas album with a Rock’n’Roll and Country feel wich is released the begining of december and is titled quite naturaly « Country Christmas »


Wasting no time, he follows up quickly in the studio with a number of new tracks working with his own musicians and some of his friends, notably Berkeley Wright, Slim Batteux and Ahmed Mouici from the Hits maker vocal group « Pow-Wow », for a memorable duo. The final mix is done in february 96 in the famous Power Station Studios of New-York, where have worked cumongst others : Bruce Springteen, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, Sting, Peter Gabriel, etc ............. The album is released in May 96, titled « No Limits » An european tour (Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and back to France) reunites him with his fellow musicians an some new friends such as Jeane Manson, Dick Rivers, Charlie Mc Coy, Wanda Jackson, Sleepy Labeef, Big Al Downing, Rosie Flores, Johnny Paycheck, and many others. It finishes in style at the Casino of Paris, where he shares the bill with Jeane Manson.


March 9, release of the CD single "Folsom Prison Blues", featuring two extracts from "No Limit" and two new songs including "Amarillo by Morning" which received that same year the ECMA Award for the Song of the Year. Phil then went on tour for summer, with Calvin Russel, Charlie Mc Coy and many others. Once more he can be seen hosting the Mirande Country Music Festival, together with Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing in "Dallas"!), by 30.000 people every evening for four days. In 98, he appears at the same Festival with Branscombe Richmond (TV series "Le Rebelle"). Then he goes back to Nashville in september/october 98 to prepare his 10th album.


In march 99, Phil opens the" Nashville Cafe" in Perpignan, France, a bar / cafe-concert / restaurant, on the rock'n'roll and country music theme. He is on the road again during summer 99, in particular hosting the Mirande Festival, with Robert Conrad ( Les Mystères de l'Ouest, Les Têtes Brulées...). Release in november 99 of the 10th album " TRIBUTE " (a tribute to Elvis Presley), recorded in California and in France. In summer 2000, Phil starts recording a new album, the 11th.


C'est en 2001 que Phil sort l'album «Wild and Free» avec des titres incontournables de son répertoire comme "Still in love with you",
"Old time Rock n' roll", "My rifle, my poney and me" et bien d'autres ... En 2005, c'est une double compilation "Antology", qui retrace 20 ans de carrière, de rock n' roll, de Country Rock et de tout le plaisir que ce grand monsieur de la French Country Music nous offre en 2 CD's .


En 2006, il rejoint les Fredcasters, ces anciens Bootleggers avec qui il partagea plusieurs scènes a travers les festivals de France et d'Europe. Toujours aussi Country Rock, mais une touche de Western Swing vient s'ajouter a son répertoire... Ils enregistrent ensemble le premier album de ce band, du même nom que le groupe, "Fredcasters"...
Rendez vous cet été sur la route de quelques festivals européens ....